Lines and Color: Compelling Storytelling with Photography, Part 6

Storytelling: Why Great Landscape Photographers Love Lines and Colors Shooting Inspired Photography is more than just raw talent and a decent camera, though those things certainly help.  In my previous posts on storytelling we have […]

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Inspiration: Storytelling with Photos Part 5

Finding Inspiration In my last few posts I shared about how important it is to shoot from your heart if you want to have memorable photos.  That is of course Job One for any storytelling […]

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Monumental Storm

Light Finder Photography Doug Bailey Images   My newest release is a series of photos taken in Utah’s famous Monument Valley. This first photo is just to set the table for the main course to follow! […]

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Finding Your Inspiration. Storytelling with Photos Part 4

Last week I told you a bit of my story in Part 3 of this series.  This week the challenge is to find your’s. Don’t worry, all this ties together into one big storytelling package! […]

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“Who are You?” Storytelling Part 3

I was ripe for a new journey.  My time as a firefighter had come to a sudden end with bad knees, stressed out mind, shaky hands, chronic bronchitis, and disability.  No complaints really, but I […]

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Peril and Promise: Storytelling Part 2

Photos that Connect A great photo is worth chasing after and to my mind worth great cost.  It is even better when you come away with two photos that tell a story.  Here’s what happened.  […]

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Storytelling Part 1

  Photography with Purpose, on Purpose Adding Story into your photos “Last Ride” You want your photos to have impact.  Who doesn’t!  “A Picture is worth a thousand words” seems to be self explanatory. But […]

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