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My newest release is a series of photos taken in Utah’s famous Monument Valley. This first photo is just to set the table for the main course to follow!

Strike One!

Now, the story…I decided to go to Arizona last July to chase Monsoon storms.  I had no real destination in mind, really my chief thought was to consult my NOAA Radar app for developing storms and head out “Thataway” My first day I found some compelling shots, including a dramatic lightning strike coming out of low clouds to hit a butte top just in front of me.  You can check that shot out here…By the second day I found myself near the Southern Utah border so decided to make a quick detour up Monument Valley.

The Long Road

What a beautiful stop.  I ended up spending two days on the valley floor, part of the time with a Navajo guide to take me to off limit sites.  The light and color on the mesas and buttes inspired me for sure!  You can see the entire Monument Valley Gallery here.

But I think the trip highlight was watching a monsoon storm develop over East and West Minton and Merrick Butte. I had spotted the storm while I was down in the valley and decided to let it chase me out to the rim.  

Setting up my tripod in front of a low wall I sat down to watch the storm as it made a left turn and headed right for me. Oh, by the way, none of these shots are composited (combining two or more shots into one).  Each is an individual frame tracking the storms progress.




Rainbow and Lightning



These shots were captured in the course of about 15 minutes until lightning and torrential rain and wind forced me into my pickup truck.

The final shot pictured below was after the storm had passed and a glorious light from the setting sun pierced the clouds and lit up East and West Minton.


I stayed on that wall until conditions became just too dangerous to wait any longer to retreat.  Well, I made it to the relative safety of my truck just seconds before the full force of that storm cell burst across the rim with full horizontal rain, heavy thunder and continuous lightning strikes.  But what an amazing 15 minutes!

The features I like best in this series is the unusual light in the sky, the green tinged rainbow which I had never seen before, and the balanced flow of the landscape.  And of course the fresh washed colors of the valley before me.  

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Thank you so much for supporting Light Finder Photography these past few years.  What started as a small passion has turned into a full time endeavor, and I am loving every minute of each day.  And your kind words of encouragement and support mean more than I can say, and I am humbled by the thought that so many wish me well…Thanks from my heart!


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  1. Jeanette Baltz 11/10/2017 at 9:03 pm #

    Spectacular Doug! I love this valley and Glacier National Park in MT

    • Doug Bailey
      Doug Bailey 11/15/2017 at 8:30 am #

      Thank you Jeanette, I am looking forward to a trip to GNP in my future! Monument Valley is a precious little gem full of wonders.

  2. Doug Bailey
    Doug Bailey 11/15/2017 at 8:29 am #

    So right you are John, thanks for the great catch. I had used a green filter which gave it that color cast. I took it back to the RAW file and got a better take for sure.

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