“Who are You?” Storytelling Part 3

I was ripe for a new journey.  My time as a firefighter had come to a sudden end with bad knees, stressed out mind, shaky hands, chronic bronchitis, and disability.  No complaints really, but I was a bit lost, sad and seeking a new identity.  Then I found Fine Art Photography almost as a gift given.  Mentors and opportunity opened up and I found my story was not over with at all. It had only taken an unexpected and wonderful turn…This is where the storytelling really began. With my own story.  Read on!


žStorytelling with a Photo is a matter of inspiration.  

It was my first outing with a DSLR camera.  I had received a brand new Canon Rebel T3i the day before and after an afternoon and evening of experimenting with settings, I was excited to try it out.  Before sunrise the next day I was out and heading for the hills above my town of  Temecula California. Thinking to catch the sun rising over the valley below, I arrived and slowly hiked to the top of a ridge.  To my surprise, a high and  heavy fog hung above the valley totally ruining my vision of the shot.  Cold and disappointed, I packed up to leave. But then I noticed the light growing visibly brighter around me as the sun rose above the horizon.  A few minutes later it had risen high enough to begin breaking through the fog.  It was so beautiful I just stood there taking it in.  

Then, suddenly inspired, I put my camera on tripod, set the delay for 10 seconds, grabbed my hiking staff and stood in front of the lens.  This photo is the result.  It was only when I had arrived back home and downloaded the photo that I realized the story in the photo was my story. I was drawn to the mood and the color. Drawn by the sense of a journey amidst nature with a timeless twist.  And here I was, embarking on that journey to the unknown, seeing only the bright light before me and the mystery of the day ahead.  My first step into the realm of fine art photography!

I am still on that journey today, so I call this photo my “Touchstone.”  Something I can pull out and hold up like a lamp in case I lose my way.  Something that keeps reminding me of the story in my photography. A constant to rely upon.  Oh, and I always keep that old hat, coat and staff with me too.  Just in case I find a bit more… Story!


 So the trick is, YOU also must find what inspires you before you can really begin to tell story with photos.  And the  question you should ask yourself is this; “What inspires me to be in this place at this moment in time. And what do I see that made me stop to compose a shot?  More importantly, what do I feel?”

Don’t worry, it is not hard to find your inspiration.  Watch for my next blog where I will go into some easy ways to find what inspires you.  I promise it will make a world of difference in your own photography.

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  1. Barbara H. 10/25/2017 at 8:06 pm #

    Doug your photos are an inspiration, filled with meaning. The colors, lighting, time of day or evening, black & white capture so much. Amazing real life stories & wonders of seasons, oceans, travels, nature. For me the beautiful world God created and scriptures in the Bible. Thank you

    • Doug Bailey
      Doug Bailey 10/26/2017 at 10:28 pm #

      Barbara, y ou are so kind amd grmerous in tour commenta hère. Tkanks from thé Votron of m Healthnet. I am goinfre To ne mord efficient amd engin to share photos directly of of mue wesite in the future. Please subscribe if you don’t want to miss a thing, Alla the a best!

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