Finding Your Inspiration. Storytelling with Photos Part 4

Last week I told you a bit of my story in Part 3 of this series.  This week the challenge is to find your’s. Don’t worry, all this ties together into one big storytelling package!  

This is the thought I left you with last week”

 “So the trick is, YOU also must find what inspires you before you can really begin to tell story with photos.  And the  question you should ask yourself is this; “What inspires me to be in this place at this moment in time. And what do I see that made me stop to compose a shot?  More importantly, what do I feel?”

Solitude Calls

Now, being a landscape shooter I have a little luxury of envisioning a shot, choosing my setting and waiting for the moment.  The moment that defines a bit more of my story. My journey is certainly a celebration of the beauty of our world and appreciation of the gift of creation.  

Then again, that’s just me.  Your story and style may be entirely different.  But here’s a secret, what you feel is the key!

You may enjoy taking: 

Snapshots or being a Street Shooter!

Family Time

But what you should feel is the exhilaration of catching the beauty of life as it is unfolding.  You are a chronicler of events.  That is your story.

 Or your style may be:

Family Portraits!


But what you should feel is that family is everything, what the world depends upon to keep society functioning whole and complete. You specialize in capturing relationship and love.  That is your story.

Perhaps you lean toward:

Action and Sports!


You feel that you capture the drama of human emotion stretched to it’s limits, raw and exposed.  The grace and beauty of a body in motion.  The total commitment of pushing beyond one’s limits.  You move people just by pointing your camera capturing the moment and saying, “Look!”  That is your story.

Or, your thing is:

Wedding and Portraiture!

Now and Forever

You should know that you capture those timeless moments that will be treasured for generations.  Your story is one of love, joy, and celebration as you mark moments of personal history.  That is your story.

Or, you just love:



Your story is one of discovery and adventure into worlds that no one ever sees, one filled with mystery and wonder.  You are privileged to be able to bring that world to your audience!

Perhaps you love:

Landscape Photography



You celebrate the beauty that is all around you.  You are an expert in composition and are not afraid to get up early and stay out late as you explore and capture visual wonders, man made or God made.  This is your story.

Or maybe you lean toward:

Fine Art

Blue Morro

You specialize in creative artistry, but your pallet is your camera instead of a brush.  You present to the world a new and unique point of view, and are not afraid to try new and creative things.  You are fearless in your quest for beauty and impact, that is your story!

Or you may celebrate:



You are moved by your love all of God’s creatures!  You enjoy showing the beauty and personality of birds and wildlife in their natural environment.  You are a curator of  our world and of creatures both great and small, and a fierce protector of all it contains.  That is what draws your heart and brings out your story.

Or your cool thing to be is an”

Abstract or Impressionist Photographer

You delight to bringing to the world new perspectives, creating a little “Wow” with your point of view and message.  That is a very cool story to live!


This is not an exhaustive list of photography styles of course. Apologies if I missed you!  But the point of this whole exercise is this.  It is really just a simple adjustment of your mind set.  To produce really effective photos you must learn who you are and then shoot from your heart.  You will be compelling!

A couple of last posts on storytelling are still to come.  I’ll cover some of the nuts and bolts of good composition and then finish off with some handy tips you can use.  Look for my blogs every Monday evening. See you then!

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  1. shelly holloway 10/31/2017 at 12:39 am #

    What an interesting overview for those of us who are not photographers but love storytelling… I have enjoyed both your pictures and your words from the very beginning of me discovering you through Facebook. Your craft is a part of my every day and there I find inspiration for my own “feelings and creative surges”. Knowing too that you know and love God is an added bonus because I personally believe that art is a spiritual deposit as well as an expression of talent. Then a cherry on the top is the inclusion of your family life…seeing your happiness as a family, reading bits here and there that you share is yet another glimpse into your photography because you have included your heart as well as your eyes. Thank you again Doug.. God bless you and yours.

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